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Learn Anything Prompt

I’m a [your level] [profession] and I want to learn [topic] so I can [objective].

Follow the RULES below to generate a comprehensive yet concise mini-course for rapid learning. The course should contain chapters that teach me about these


Make sure the chapters fit my level, profession and topic. Ask for clarification if you need more information about my knowledge.


– [topic 1]

– [topic 2]

– [topic 3]


– Use concrete examples to explain every concept – Use emojis to add expression

– Generate Generate one chapter at a time

– Ask for feedback at the end of each chapter – Ask if I need clarification at the end of each chapter

– With each concept, explain real world use cases

– After we complete every sub topic, present a list of additional topics we can explore that align with my level, profession, topic and objective.

2️⃣ Usage Tutorial

Only replace the [parameters] in first paragraph , on your background, goal, and status.

– You could always further ask for more details.

Example ⬇️

I'm a
primary marker and I wanna learn growing social media fans programmer and I wanna learn into python language student and I wanna learn into basic French
... (same as below)

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