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Thorough and Real!

Kristen writes from her own perspective as a Digital Nomad herself, with over 20 years experience of living this lifestyle. She also provides statistical citations from other sources to back up her assessments of all aspects of the the working nomad lifestyle. I have been watching her You Tube videos, listening to her many podcasts, and reading her posts for over 5 years now. I find her to be authoritative, humorous at times, serious when needed, and factually accurate in her personal assessments of what works, how to have fun, and what to watch out for, as you travel the world for a living. Bon Voyage!

Blue Marble Explorer

Very Good Book to Read if You're Planning to Move Overseas... Temporary or Permanent

Kristin's put a lot of very good stuff in this book. Could there be more? Most likely. But all-in-all, this book filled in a lot of "blanks" for me. I recommend this be on your reading list if you're planning to leave the USA for an extended period of time.

Stephen L. Bainton

Top Rating for this Well-Researched Book for Digital Nomads!

Have been pouring through this book and love the tips, tricks, and over 30 pages of critical resources any existing or aspiring digital nomad could ever ask for. In tandem with her superlative YT channel, 'Traveling with Kristin' and her insightful podcast, this is a must-buy for any digital nomad...and don't forget to download the bonus 30-plus pages of resources (the link within the book). Printed mine already! Bravo, Kristin!


Helpful even to existing expats and digital nomads

It was fun to be taken to exotic locations to work by reading this book. I appreciated the info and links to helpful websites. This book is thorough and readable. Even to me already on the field. Good work Kristin!

B. Rimes

THE book for those looking to be a nomad

I love this book. It is just full of ideas, suggestions and links for every aspect of nomading.

J. Wright

Kristin Lives up to her Craft

I used to live outside the US myself years ago, and am a devoted fan of her YouTube channel, Travels with Kristen. Very down-to-earth survival and planning guide for expats or wannabes.


Great resource for planning the next chapter in my career!

I have been following Kristen on YouTube and she motivated me to decide my next career chapter needs include travel!! My youngest child left for the Air force and now it's time for me to travel more..Most jobs won't give you enough vacation time to travel as much as I want so why not do both! Thank you Kristen!!


Must read if you want to work remote

Very insightful. Kristin is a very experienced Digital Nomad and provides great content. I think you’ll love reading this book.

Scott S

The Book Every Current and Future Digital Nomad Needs

If you are looking to either become a digital nomad or are already a digital nomad, this is a must-buy book. Kristin goes into great detail on all aspects of becoming and being a digital nomad. The book also contains a lot of great resources to help you on your journey. There are so many things which I have learned through this book. I will be using this book quite often as a reference and guidebook. Highly recommended!


Excellent book! So helpful!

So much great advice and helpful details about living life as a digital nomad! I’m learning so much already. It’s making me feel more confident to try it out. It’s also filled with exercises to fill out as you go along too. Highly recommend!

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